Praise for Report

At its last meeting, our Team discussed your commission's report on North Carolina assets and properties used to transfer prisoners to torture sites. Our team resolved that we would like to thank you for your leadership on this important issue, and to congratulate all of your commission for this important and innovative project of holding systems that torture accountable. I hope that it can be a model of citizen activism in other states as well. To that end, our Team will consider how we might involve our local county's Interfaith Council to investigate whether like activities occurred in our region.

Your commission is an estimable model for citizen action, especially as national politics have become stymied on this issue.

Again, our thanks to the commissioners and to you for your leadership and for the report.

Ned Barnett, Opinion Editor, News & Observer

Esteemed Members of the Board,Respectful regards. I am writing this letter to express to you my deepest thanks and appreciation for the noble work you have been doing in holding accountable those who were involved in torture cases, for torture had a serious impact on me by virtue of the fact that I was among those who were, and are still being subject to this injustice. Your efforts are having a great effect on bringing me back the hope that there are still great and conscientious people out there who refuse this kind of disgraceful and humiliating action on human dignity … Torture is incompatible with human nature and is prohibited by both the laws of heaven and the just laws of earth. It is an indicator of the failure of those who practice it. Those who inflicted torture on me and on others have admitted that this practice was a failure. They realized that the information that they extracted from me under the pretext of obtaining information was false. Under pressure, tortured people have no choice but to say what the torturer wants them to say in order to put an end to the torture. You have been doing a great job and I hope that this will not be limited to the torture that was practiced in the past, but also to prevent it from happening in the present and the future, and to prevent it from happening not only with the participation of your State in particular, but other states and anywhere else. [Redacted]

Sharqawi Abdu Al-Hajj (ISN 1457)
Cuba – Guantanamo
Monday, October 29, 2017